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RESERVATIONS  are recommended as we have reduced our occupancy rate to ensure our guests (and we) have the required space for safe-distancing.
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The Beachside is located near the Wapasu Recreation Conservancy Park on Wapasu Lake - not far from Innisfree and Ranfurly. The name 'Wapasu' means 'White Swan' in the Cree language.

The lake is on the migratory path of the white swans (and many other birds) and we have been lucky to witness swans actually visiting our lake.  However, we have not been able to get a good photo of their visits.  Also, we have seen & heard their unique call as they fly over our home during their travels (usually around Mother's Day and Thanksgiving). As you will note from the photo gallery, we have many birds that use the lake as a resting place before they continue on their journeys.

The Beachside is located right on the water front - giving the guests a great view and easy access to the beachfront - - - the sky has been a hot topic from many of our recent guests who spent hours gazing and snapping pictures of the stars, sunsets and sunrises! One of our most recent guests were surprised to encounter a young white-tail buck while out on his morning walk, while another was cautious when encountering a little skunk (luckily, avoided a spray). Another was shocked to see a porcupine gnawing away on the branches in the top of a willow tree - she didn't know that porcupines were climbers.

Once again, the berries were very plentiful this past year so we managed to pick enough fruit to give us the base for the juices, muffins, jams & jellies for your breakfast experience.  Holly has some winning recipes that she uses for preserving and baking - her entries at the local bench shows always bring home ribbons.  You won't be disappointed - you might even be able to convince her to sell you a few jars of your favourites!

Do you want (or needs) a special breakfast?  You only need to ask - just recently, they served up: scrambled eggs, hash browns and beet rolls with cream sauce along with home made muffins. 

Check out the 'photo gallery' page to see some spectacular photos taken of the area.

Ron & Holly will do their best to make your visit memorable (Guest Comments).